Do you know more about ants than a second-grader?

Perhaps not as much as these second graders, who asked some great questions of the good folks over at Your Wild Life who visited their classroom recently:

Over the last couple years, we’ve worked with outstanding K-12 educators on a number of projects, including Belly Button Biodiversity and School of Ants. We enjoy collaborating with teachers on curriculum modules, and then actually visiting students in classrooms when we can. Last week, Lauren Nichols, De Anna Beasley, and Mack Pridgen of Tar Heel Ants joined me on a visit to to the bustling second-grade classroom at the Central Park School for Children in Durham, North Carolina.

Prior to our visit, these curious students submitted some hard-hitting, dare I say philosophical, questions about ants and their biology: “How did ants exist before we did?” and “What is a colony?” We had a blast answering the students’ questions and sharing live ant colonies with them. So much so that we made a little video so you could check out the second-grader-inspired ant Q & A for yourself — Enjoy!

[youtube U_toYDbFOJc]

via Ant Questions Answered!

And here’s a bonus ant doing a kamikaze attack on a spider… FOR THE QUEEN??!!!

For the Queen!



2 thoughts on “Do you know more about ants than a second-grader?

  1. F

    “How did ants exist before we did?”

    That is almost a mind-bending question viewed through my grade-school lens. As an adult, I could come to terms with it and address it. I fear that as a grade-schooler, my response would have been something like, “What does that even mean?” (As if people invented ants or something.)

    I’m glad to know there are good educators in the world, and happy to be reminded of this.

  2. Madhusudan Katti Post author

    Yes – I remember watching ants crawling around in our house in India at around that age, but I don’t think I was likely to ask some the questions these kids come up with!

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