A short video introduction to the Anthropocene

I’ll be in Chicago for a couple of days this week, to speak in the seminar series at the Field Museum there. I’ve promised to talk about “Biodiversity in the concrete jungles of the Anthropocene: global patterns & local processes in urban ecology” – and have been preparing my presentation based on the work I’ve been doing on urban biodiversity here in California, and on a global scale. Since we do seem to be in the Anthropocene (for good or ill), it is high time we come to grips with our ecological anxieties vis a vis the human element in nature, and get more proactive in managing the earth’s environment for our own benefit and for other species. So, this weekend, I’ve been reading up a bit about the Anthropocene, and about resilience, and other related topics, and will try to write more about these things over the coming winter break. For now, I want share this video of a presentation by Prof. Will Steffen recently at the Stockholm Resilience Center where he provides a brief introduction to the Anthropocene:

[youtube 0Vi1YuMgi9g]

via Introducing the Anthropocene – YouTube.

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