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Hungry for a highly evolved menu? Pull up a chair to the Carnival of Evolution #27

Carnival of Evolution #27 – Feed Your Head Edition

As your server for this evening’s Carnival of Evolution, allow me to introduce the offerings from a line-up of over two dozen chefs!

For your pleasure we have these specials . . . .

1. Chicken’s teeth, whale’s legs, and the tails of humans.

Thus begins a most appetizing (or stomach-turning, depending upon your culinary adventurousness) menu of evolutionary blog writing pulled together by your energetic host Andrew Bernardin, who’s pulled out all the stops for this 27th edition of the Carnival of Evolution. I hope you are hungry. Read your fill, for the next CoE is a whole month away!

Bon appétit!

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My blog’s strange phylogenetic origin in the Carnival of Evolution #20!

Skeptic Wonder has one of the more creative analytical takes on hosting a blog carnival I’ve ever seen – an actually phylogeny of the blog posts included in the carnival, based on sequence alignment of each blog post’s URL! I’m not sure about some of the results, however… check out where my post on the challenges of teaching evolution ended up in the above tree! How on earth did I end up paraphylizing (if that’s a word) Bjørn Østman’s blog?!

But, never mind that, this 20th edition of the Carnival of Evolution has plenty of good stuff to read, so head on over there in your spare moments. And pardon my tardiness in bringing this to your attention.

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