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Can we actually learn to live in concert with the sea?

Do we have a choice? is there still time? to change course, to find better ways? will we listen to the crashing waves? learn to ride them with the tide? stop trying to hold em back? trying to dominate the relentless ocean?

Can conservation, stewardship, reconciliation… work better in a fluid medium where one cannot draw lines on a map to keep nature bound and separate from us?

Questions I have aplenty… perhaps this film will offer some answers. Here’s a trailer forĀ Ocean Frontiers:

What does a green-hippy community do when a cougar shows up in their midst? Shoot it, of course!


The appearance of a mountain lion Tuesday near downtown Berkeley, Calif., caused a stir in this animal-loving, environmentally conscious community, where residents may obsess about locally grown organic food but don’t expect to be on the menu.

The mountain lion, a 100-pound female, was spotted around 2 a.m. Tuesday in the city’s Gourmet Ghetto district, according to the Berkeley Police Department.

The cougar roamed within pouncing range of Alice Water’s Chez Panisse restaurant, the temple of California cuisine, where twice-cooked kid goat with cumin, ginger, eggplant, and chickpeas was the featured dish that evening. But the state’s top-level predator probably was on the hunt for venison and got lost, according to wildlife experts.

“A mountain lion traveling through an urban environment is infrequent but looking at aerial photographs of the surrounding area you can see why it chose Berkeley,” said Marc Kenyon, the statewide mountain lion program coordinator for the California Department of Fish and Game.

Interesting to read this debate crop up again, after yet another mountain lion got shot dead for “straying” into yet another bit of suburban sprawl blotting its former habitat in California. Living with large carnivores is a tough nut for reconciliation ecology, especially in a trigger-happy society that shoots first, asks questions later (if at all).

What would you do if one showed up near your favorite restaurant?

The sloth and the hummingbird: antidotes to human malfeasance in the biosphere! (warning: serious cute overload!)

On days (weeks, really) like these, when the media abounds with bad news about the environment, including fresh videos of the oil continuing to gush out ‘neath the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, which itself may be heading for hypoxia, one desperately needs reminders that we human beings are not only about one constant fuckup after another. That we are, no doubt, more often that not. Fuckups, I mean. But we are also capable of some good, of relating with the environment and wildlife in tender, nurturing ways, of beginning to heal the injuries we have inflicted upon this world and ourselves.

So in that spirit of reconciliation ecology, of wanting to draw upon our innate biophilia and altruism, allow me to share with you a couple of videos of wildlife being rescued. Rest assured that neither video is anywhere near as heavy-handed in conveying the message as I just was. And if it helps – the wildlife being rescued are very very cute … you’ve been warned!

First – whatever jackanapes came up with the idea that Sloth was a sin (or whatever jackanapes named these beautiful creatures after a sin) had clearly never experienced anything like this:


I filmed this at the Aviaros del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica – the world’s only sloth orphanage. Baby 2 and 3 toed sloths, whose mother’s have either been run over or zapped by power lines are brought to the sanctuary and looked after by Judy Arroyo. For more sloth photos and vids visit my blog pinktreefrog.typepad.com or follow me on twitter @amphib_avenger. For more on the sanctuary go to slothrescue.org. Music: “Scrapping and Yelling” by Mark Mothersbaugh from “The Royal Tenenbaum’s” movie soundtrack.

At the other end of the activity scale, check out this amazing tale of an injured baby Hummingbird rescued by humans – in astonishingly close and active collaboration with the wild mama hummingbird!! Wow!!

[Tip o’ the hat to Arvind and Audubon California, both via Facebook]

Now that’s one fairly odd parent…

via telegraph.co.uk

Three piglets rests next to their adoptive mother, Sai Mai, an eight-year-old tiger, at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand’s Chonburi Province

What an incongrously touching image! And I wonder whoever thought of making this happen! What became of the piglet’s biological mother? More importantly (in the larger rarity scale of things), what became of the tigress’ cubs? She’s surely had some recently if she’s able to nurse…

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On changing the world, one child at a time

Our 9-yr-old daughter Sanzari squealed in delight last night when she read on the TV schedule that one of her idols was going to be interviewed that night! Who might that be?

Why, Greg Mortenson, of course, author of Three Cups of Tea and the new Stones into Schools! Sanzari has been a fan every since we found the Young Readers edition of Three Cups of Tea, which she has since read several times! And this interview on Bill Moyers Journal last night only made her want to read the grown-up version of that book, as well as the new one.

Here’s the interview:


Afterwards, Sanzari asked why Obama was being so stupid and sending in more soldiers to Afghanistan when Mortenson was showing a different way to ending that war? Why indeed? Why can’t we have a surge of Mortensons in that region, instead of more armed forces?