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Traversing a high road in a winter fog: Siskiyou pass and Mt Shasta through my windshield


I love to view the world through these winter morning fogs, perhaps next only to dusk (Sanzar), my favorite time of day. I love the way the soft light seems to drain all color out of the world… and how color seeps back in gradually as the sun burns off the fog. Odd, perhaps, for a primate evolved to rely upon color vision…

This was last Sunday, when we woke up in Medford, Oregon, and made our way back home to California’s central valley. A foggy morning that gave us some spectacular views which I’ve tried to capture in these images – through the tiny lens on my iPhone perched atop the steering wheel, looking out through the windshield as I drove the lightly trafficked Interstate 5. If only we had time to stop and linger, soak in the fog and view the mountains up closer! Some day soon, I hope… meanwhile I hope you like these images.