The Corvid Blog FaceBook Page!

The Corvid Blog is now on the book of faces!  I created a page there to make updates even more accessible for people!  Click the below image to go to the page.

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About The Corvid Blog

Hi, I am Dr. Jennifer Campbell-Smith and I love corvids (well, anything nature really, but these birds have a big place in my heart). I received my PhD in behavioral ecology studying the social structures and social learning of wild American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos). I now teach at a STEM school while continuing to do research where I can and with my secondary students. My goal on this blog is to spread the corvid love by sharing information, photographs, and artwork, and dispelling common myths. Feel free to ask me anything, but note that it can take me a bit to reply. If you have an emergency with a captive corvid, please call a local avian vet. If you have an emergency with a wild corvid, please call a local licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. Thanks! These are truly some of the most fascinating birds on the planet!

3 thoughts on “The Corvid Blog FaceBook Page!

  1. The Corvid Blog Post author

    I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! “Tha gliocas an ceann an fhitich” is a Scottish proverb meaning “There is wisdom in a raven’s head”. It’s one of my favorite sayings 🙂

  2. Cathy Dee

    Have just found this after reading your fascinating post about baby crows 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this information 🙂
    Unfortunately we do not have crows in this part of New Zealand but we do have magpies (a relative) and I love them 🙂

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