Reddit IAmA: Crow Research Group!!

On Monday, January 27th, 2014, myself and three other crow researchers will be doing an IAmA day on Reddit!!  For those of you who don’t know what an “IAmA” is, it’s basically a day-long question and answer session with an individual or a group of interest.  Get those crow questions you have always wanted to ask answered by experts!!

Here is a link to where the Crow Research Group IAmA will be taking place:

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About The Corvid Blog

Hi, I am Dr. Jennifer Campbell-Smith and I love corvids (well, anything nature really, but these birds have a big place in my heart). I received my PhD in behavioral ecology studying the social structures and social learning of wild American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos). I now teach at a STEM school while continuing to do research where I can and with my secondary students. My goal on this blog is to spread the corvid love by sharing information, photographs, and artwork, and dispelling common myths. Feel free to ask me anything, but note that it can take me a bit to reply. If you have an emergency with a captive corvid, please call a local avian vet. If you have an emergency with a wild corvid, please call a local licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. Thanks! These are truly some of the most fascinating birds on the planet!

6 thoughts on “Reddit IAmA: Crow Research Group!!

  1. GarryRogers

    Hello Jennifer,
    I like your blog! I pinned, tweeted, and scooped the IAmA announcement (see the scoop here:

    Corvids are quite a fascinating group. We have ravens around here, and their behavior is often puzzling. I’ve never learned how to use Reddit, but best wishes for a great “day.”

  2. Ed Darrell

    I’m sure you know everything, and that you’ve already seen this . . . but just in case.

    Found this on Facebook:

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    If crows fascinate you, you’ll want to join us next Wednesday for our latest webinar: The Uncommon Crow Part 1. Cornell Lab researcher Kevin McGowan has been studying these fascinating creatures for more than two decades, and in these 90-minute webinars he’ll explore some of their remarkably human-like traits, plus plenty of time for Q&A. Just $10: more details here:

  3. Tara

    Hello Jenn: Love your blog – so interesting and informative. It’s been very useful to me in my research on corvid intelligence for an article I’m writing. I’m hoping to include some specific information about the level of intelligence of treepies and choughs. Do you know of any studies regarding them? Or even reliable anecdotes about them? Thank you for any help you can give me.

  4. Bernat

    I discovered this blog thanks to reddit though I was a bit late and couldn’t ask my question in the AMA. Pity… Great blog anyway and very interesting work you are doing!

  5. The Corvid Blog Post author

    Hey Tara,

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the blog! I was actually looking up some work on treepies, and I’m sad to say there hasn’t been any work on them in regards to intelligence. There also hasn’t been any work done directly on choughs. I do believe they were included in a brain size study (of something like 140 species of birds), but the study itself is in French (which I don’t read) and I’d imagine they probably scored at “above average” along with other corvids.

    I also don’t know of any anecdotes. If I were you, I’d just note that the work hasn’t been done on those species.

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