Finally! A movie that’s fair to Corvids!

Finally!  A film (Maleficent) that portrays a raven accurately and fairly (though the CG flight animation could use some work).  Not to give too much away about the film, but this is the first movie where I’ve seen a raven portrayed as a “good guy”.  In fact, the raven, Diaval (renamed from Diablo in the animated movie), is the most morally consistent character in the film.

I can’t say more without giving away too many spoilers, but if you like corvids, especially the crows, see this movie.  I saw it on a whim and I was pleasantly surprised, not just by Diaval, but by the film as a whole.

This film gets The Corvid Blog’s endorsement!

(GIF from Cinemablend.)

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3 thoughts on “Finally! A movie that’s fair to Corvids!

  1. Kim Waite

    It’s about time. I will see this movie just for that now that I know. Anyone who gets to know a corvid deeply would never harm them or think in bad ways to them.

  2. Stephen Gyetko

    It’s about time they got their due. Corvids and Psittacoidea are the smartest birds there are, with an intelligence roughly on the level of a six year old, which means they’ve got more on the ball than Congress, although that’s not saying much. The Native Americans have long regarded Crows and Ravens as wise spirit animals and also as ‘tricksters’ who’ll mess with you ‘just for giggles’. The Corvid family also includes Jays and i can personally vouch for their intelligence. We’ve got a saying around our place. “If It’s Got Feathers….It’s A Groove.”

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