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lesschestDr. Jennifer Molidor is a writer and a teacher, an animal advocate and an advocate for the preservation of wilderness. She has long been active in animal protection, community care for the elderly and disabled, and human rights issues. At an early age, she began traveling alone across the deserts of the Southwest, through the hills and valleys of North and Central California, over the prairies of the midlands, along with European adventures, including working and writing in England and Ireland.

In 2015, she left academia, at the height of her career, to care for her mother — who was run over by a truck, is now permanently disabled, and suffers from dementia. In addition to caretaker, Jennifer is now a writer for a national nonprofit dedicated to fighting cruelty to animals. For the Animal Legal Defense Fund she writes  press releases, articles, book reviews, speeches, op-eds, and conducts interviews and blogs for the organization. Her resume and publication list is here. She is grateful for donations of financial support and writerly encouragement.

As an English professor, she taught college courses in literature, writing, gender, and film studies for 15 years at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, Kansas State University, and San Francisco State University. She holds a Ph.D in English and Irish Studies from the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame, the preeminent global institution for Irish Studies. She has been a guest lecturer at universities in Ireland, the U.K. and the U.S., presented papers at top international conferences, and her award-winning research on radical women in Irish history has been published in peer-reviewed journals and books.

Her academic writing includes literary analysis of women writers, pedagogical approaches to teaching, and the link between state violence and domestic violence. Her book-length doctoral dissertation is Violence, Silence, and SacrificeViolence, and the psychology of violence, is a key theme in all of Dr. Molidor’s work, including her popular writing about violence to animals, violence against the environment,  violence in mixed martial arts, and interpersonal violence. She volunteered for Amnesty International in Dublin, is a certified sexual assault victim’s advocate in the U.S.,  and is currently training to be a self-defense instructor for young women.

As a humor essayist, she has written on a variety of topics including dementia, mother-daughter relationships, childhood, and lifestyles. She lives with her extremely kind and athletic Doberman in the southern foothills of the Mayacamas mountains in Northern California.

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